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Our primary service is performing CONSTRUCTION VERIFICATION INSPECTIONS for lending institutions and the private sector.
Additionally, we offer many construction and management services that complement the inspection arena.



Many ask why is there a need for construction verification inspections?

This is a valid question and hopefully we can justify the importance.


Whether it’s to make sure that the job is being built out on schedule or the fact that a third set of eyes is overseeing the project, the most valid points are to insure that job funding is on target with the construction process and proper funding management is in place from the onset.

Our job at CVINSPECTIONS is to review all of the construction documents and put together a plan of funding distribution and management, with the owner and the contractor, while keeping the lending institution informed of work completeness prior to the disbursement of funds.

Many times the contractor is provided a large amount of deposit money so that the job can start and keep moving. Because of the efficiency of our inspection team, the large deposit requirements can be minimized because the contractor will not have to wait longer than 72 hours for payment approval. Therefore the job continues on it’s course of completion – without the extra costs and risks that are associated with front loading a project.

Every time the contractor makes a funding request, CVINSPECTIONS performs a site inspection and presents a report to all interested parties. Normally, the contractor will have a certain amount of work completed prior to the inspection, and if all work is in place during the time of the inspection funds will then be released by the inspector through the issuance of a corresponding report. When work is incomplete, the inspector will present a report which indicates the level of completeness at the time of the inspection and will only release the funds based on a percent of completeness.

Having a third party who is unaffiliated with the owner, contractor or sub-contractors and lending institutions,  ensures that there will be a unbiased approach toward proper project management. CVINSPECTIONS is capable of dedicating the time and the knowledge that is necessary to protect the owner and the lending institutions. We try to eliminate runaway money flow occurrences by consistently monitoring each project.



Are you looking to build that addition or make a large scale renovation to your home or business? Have you been educated enough to take to task the organization of all the components of a construction project? Unless you have been deeply involved within the construction industry, you are far from being prepared for what lies ahead.

Most people think that if they make a wish, find the right financing, and hire the right contractor and they’ll get what they pay for. Not so fast!!!

Every project, whether it is a simple modification or a large-scale renovation, has to be planned for accordingly.

Working with a design team and contractors could be a struggle if you do not have a clear and concise plan in place. Sometimes architects, engineers, and a multitude of contractors will be needed in order to create the dream project that you envision. This in and of itself is a daunting task for the inexperienced developer, therefore having a third party inspection company like CVINSPECTIONS in your corner will lessen the chance for things to go in wrong directions.

Knowing the Who What Where When and How is key to any successful project. So where do you start? Construction Consultants are educated and experienced and are able make sound decisions and lend guidance for your next project.