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CVINSPECTIONS, LLC™ is a family owned construction-services company based out of Harleysville, PA. We specialize in construction payment verification inspections, project money flow management and construction consulting. We have been working in the construction industry for 43 years with a combined knowledge of over 95 years experience between our employees and affiliates.

Our main focus is servicing the public sector and private lending institutions where fund management is paramount. Construction verification inspections are used as a tool to insure that construction projects are being properly managed in both production and funding management.

As part of the verifications process, we work for both the borrower and the lending institution, by coordinating the schedule of payment(s) to match the work in place at any given time that construction is underway. Additionally, we work with the contractor to facilitate the funding of the project as it moves forward. Our goal is to keep the funds and the project moving forward in a positive direction within a normal amount of time, depending on the size of each project.

Because of the complexity of any construction process, our CVINSPECTIONS’ team acts as liaison between all parties, so that any questions or concerns that may arise through the investigative process; by performing plan and cost reviews which provides a cost that a project can possibly be constructed.  Our data base is updated with material and labor costs on a quarterly basis to keep current trends in the forefront which lends to providing a more exact cost. Performing plan and cost reviews also allows all parties to bring to light any issues that may arise during the evaluation process. This way any issues can be addressed prior to the commencement of work.

The construction inspections that we perform are unlimited when it comes to fit and finish with an intentional focus on project completeness and money management. Our team will notify all parties of any areas of concern that may be detrimental to the project, and maintain interest so that those areas that have been called out are addressed as the work is ongoing.

CVINSPECTIONS’ position is that while the quality of work is paramount, we anticipate that the level of quality will be decided between the owner, the contractor and their contractual agreement(s), with the understanding that CVINSPECTIONS will adhere to all of our obligations.

A foundational and integral part of our team consists of inspectors, architects and contractors who have been in the construction arena for over 10 years. Each of our team members is fully aware of each project so that if any questions may arise, we will have the answers that are needed to keep the projects moving along. Our team has the skills to understand custom work of any scale, whether it’s modifications to living spaces or custom interior upgrades for residential and/or business spaces and new residential and commercial buildings.

Throughout our 43 years of serving the Greater Delaware Valley & Tri-State Region, CVINSPECTIONS has strived for excellence in service with expeditious and efficient inspection scheduling.

Our team of architects, inspectors, and contractors will continue to serve the construction industry to insure that every project we oversee is properly managed and delivered on time.