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Our Lead Inspector and Owner of CVINSPECTIONS is Ernest Rosato. Ernie has been in the construction industry for over 43 years, starting off by working during summers with his father Angelo who owned his own contracting business in the early seventies through the late 90’s.

Ernie attended Spring Garden College for Construction Design and Management and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in 1982. He then assisted in the running of the family business until 1993 when he decided to do home inspections on a professional basis. In 1993 Ernie attended the Home-Tech School of Home Inspections in Bethesda, MD where he became associated with the American Society of Home Inspectors. 

Throughout his several years of performing home inspections he was hired by several lending institutions on a freelance basis to provide Construction Verification Inspections. Ernie has spent the past 35 years working in what was a relatively new profession within the building/contracting industry.

Assisting Ernie in the field is Justin Fritz who is a valued asset to the CVINSPECTIONS’ team. Justin is a general contractor / carpenter by trade and performs inspections as needed to fulfill scheduling obligations. Justin’s eye for detail is defined in his reporting skills and photography capabilities.

Susan Rosato is CVINSPECTIONS’ backbone as she handles all daily operations from prepping the reports to handling email and bank requests throughout each day. Susan’s skillset is that she is extremely proficient in Excel. Susan assists the clients in the use of Excel and how to maintain their files if need be.

We also utilize the knowledge and experience of Build Square Architects and Design who aids in performing the plan and cost review work along with Ernie. The team will evaluate plans that have been marked for permit and evaluate the values to construct based on a SF value and raw data take off, to ensure the pricing is as accurate as possible.